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Remote drum recording with vintage flavour 

Where songs come alive

Songwriters take so much time nurturing their songs. Drums should get inside a song, champion the melody and resonate with the lyric. There’s a fine line between just playing drums and playing drums for the song, thoughtfulness doesn’t mean complexity. 

Hi, I'm Joe.

I play drums on songs… and I love it. Inspired by the old school approach to playing, I’m excited by the sounds and details that combine to lift a song to the next level. 


I have played on thousands of songs and this experience that has taught me one simple lesson; every song is unique and individual. I thrive on the challenge of listening, learning and offering up ideas to elevate yours.

ImperFecTions and happy accidEnts

My sound is a result of the passion in my playing, the microphones and outboard I’ve curated and the drums I choose for each song. I gravitate towards a more vintage sound, imperfection and happy accidents are big part of that, but it absolutely has to cut it on modern recordings.


Getting sounds right at source is really important. It’s a beautiful sounding room, gorgeous vintage drums, and sending that through some lovely buttery valves and transistors.



Recording for me is a mentality of approach. I love thinking about that old school Motown or Muscle Shoals attitude. Impeccable musicianship and utmost respect for the song, but at the same time you’re bringing that unquantifiable personality to the table.


Creating art is a human experience, and I’m fortunate enough to collaborate with artists all over the world. Ultimately it’s those relationships that excite me about making music. Give me a shout and let’s get some proper drums on your song.

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