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That's right! My studio is located in the village of Kippax, just outside Leeds, West Yorkshire. Based in the old custodian’s flat above the working men’s club owned by the village brass band, which dates back over 200 years. A proper institution! The rent I pay supports the band and will hopefully help keep them playing music for another two centuries.


It features a large combined control room and live room that has been acoustically treated with meticulous attention to detail. Ialso have a second live room, which is set up to create the classic ‘dead’ drum sound, reminiscent of the early 70s. 


I have curated an eclectic mix of microphones and outboard gear, featuring the classic studio staples as well as some more boutique pieces. There is nothing better than some lovely vintage drums running through ribbon mics and buttery signal path of valves and transistors! 


Having assembled many high end channels initially for the drums it is inevitable that I also put the studio to good use for tracking and production. There’s guitars, basses and amps all over the place, a beautiful 88-key upright piano, vintage Wurlitzer and plenty of musical toys. Inspiration is always close to hand. 

Joe gets into each song with all of his attention and passion.
Rob Goraieb (The Kosmos Express, The Get Set)
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